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Tesla Powerwall Rebate!

The total cost for our Tesla Power Wall, including labor, equipment and installation was $13,000. The SGIP (Self-Generation Incentive Program) rebate check (one time only) from CA Energy Commission and channeled through SCE was $5,800, so the actual cost was $7,200. Then we will get (in our 2020 tax return) a 30% federal tax credit on the remaining amount of $7,200. Therefore the whole system cost us only $5,040: for limitless blackout protection, for charging our electric vehicle and all our electrical appliances, for air conditioning during summer heat waves and indoor heating during cold winter days and nights. The federal tax credit is a "step down" (each year it is a bit less) and sunsets in 2021. Stay in the loop for incentives, rebates and tax crews by frequently visiting U.S. Dept. of Energy and California Energy Commission websites. 

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