Check out this podcast we were featured in with Izumi Tanaka of Home Green Homes, where we talk about net zero home makeovers! Listen to the full episode here:

Questions covered during the podcast:

  • Let’s hear from you for the general audience why “Net Zero Energy”?

  • When you bought your home in 2003, were you already planning to do the net-zero conversion and looked for a property with that in mind?

  • We can see all the details on your website about what you did to transform your home  from the ‘60s, but can you please briefly tell us some of the key elements you did in your make-over process?

  • Did you do all the research in deciding the technology to implement, sourcing the materials, vendors and contractors?  And how was that process look like?

  • You have been actively promoting this concept of retrofitting existing old homes to net-zero or near-net-zero.  Tell me about where you have been presenting and how the audience is responding.

  • I've been trying to promote the idea by trying to reach the builders who are flipping old homes, but I find it hard to convince them from the investment stand point from time and money standpoint. Do you have any suggestions?

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The total cost for our Tesla Power Wall, including labor, equipment and installation was $13,000. The SGIP (Self-Generation Incentive Program) rebate check (one time only) from CA Energy Commission and channeled through SCE was $5,800, so the actual cost was $7,200. Then we will get (in our 2020 tax return) a 30% federal tax credit on the remaining amount of $7,200. Therefore the whole system cost us only $5,040: for limitless blackout protection, for charging our electric vehicle and all our electrical appliances, for air conditioning during summer heat waves and indoor heating during cold winter days and nights. The federal tax credit is a "step down" (each year it is a bit less) and sunsets in 2021. Stay in the loop for incentives, rebates and tax crews by frequently visiting U.S. Dept. of Energy and California Energy Commission websites. 

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