Live comfortably; enjoy more health and safety, save money on energy bills, and save the environment! So called “Green Homes” are the hottest item in new construction; but retrofitting existing homes can give the same results with a lower price tag.

In this age of global pandemics, now more than ever, the climate crisis demands net zero energy homes. Climate Scientists and epidemiologists recognize a link between global Infections, like Covid-19, Ebola, SARS and air pollution, deforestation, wildlife trade and a warming world. According to Dr. Michele Barry, Stanford University, Director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health: “Climate change, deforestation and changing ecology is crucial for how we have animal and human ecology change”. (March 20, 2020 interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now).

Take a virtual tour of our 60 plus year tract home to see how we renovated it from a drafty, stuffy energy hog into a year round comfortable zero energy home using modern sustainable, renewable technology. Learn how to save money on utility bills as you help mitigate the climate / pandemic crisis.